A facelift is a procedure that you should only trust in expert hands. Dr Birch routinely performs major operations on the face. He is on the surgical board of the world-leading head and neck committee’s at the Princess Alexandra Hospital covering major head and neck surgery in QLD. A facelift involves lifting the skin off of the underlying facial tissue. Tightening of this deeper layer to ensure long-lasting results, being careful of the underlying facial nerve. The skin is then re-draped with the resultant excess being trimmed back.

Commonly being performed as an extension of the facelift. The neck lift is a very similar procedure however special attention must be made to the underlying platysma muscle and submental fat deposits. Laxity in the muscles can give the droop and bands often seen in the ageing neck. The fat deposit contributing to the ‘double chin’. All this can be corrected with a neck lift giving a smooth neck and defined jaw line.

 Face & Neck Lift

Rhytidectomy & Platysmaplasty